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Chase First Banking

Some things can only be learned with firsthand experience. And that’s especially true when it comes to money. So how do you help a generation of middle schoolers, who were born into a global recession and are coming of age during another, understand the true value of money?

You start by recognizing the culturally dominant model of intensive parenting and unpack the pressures that come with it. For parents, it’s wanting the best for their child while setting them up for future success. For kids, it’s the constant pressure to perform inside and outside of school, while figuring out who they want to be.

These insights created the foundation for a new sub-brand/ offering within Chase Bank. Chase First Banking; a debit card for tweens that gives them the independence they deserve, while giving parents the control they need.



Starting with the name

Clarity, directness, and a hint of welcoming wit were paramount in the naming of Chase First Banking. A spectrum of names were tested ranging from creatively abstract to straightforward and obvious.



Color – the first step in the new design system

To ensure Gen Z appeal, we augmented the Chase Masterbrand color palette with a sub-palette reflecting youthful optimism. "Electric teal" was added as the primary color for Chase First Banking. It is the lightest and most vibrant shade of blue within the Chase Masterbrand color palette and represented the start of a tweens financial journey with Chase. This allowed us to introduce a "blue gold" thread used in the form of a gradient that contained all of the Chase brand blues which became central to the design system.



Flipped Orientation
The flipped orientation is designed for ideal readability and logo position on contactless, terminal and digital wallets.


Contextual Optimization
The simple card design takes into account its relationship with others and allows for changes in context and information shown.


Vibrant Materials
An exposed core acts as a mature color accent while rainbow foil is applied on the front and back of the card for a strong impression of youthful vibrancy.


Blue Gold

Equal parts playful and sophisticated the shine and reflectivity of the card was purposefully treated to tie the new color system of Chase First Banking together with the physical debit card.



The Design System

In addition to infusing youthfulness, the design system needed the flexibility to span many touchpoints and production constraints brought on by the pandemic. We found a way to make stock photography ownable and Gen Z-oriented. And we developed an illustration and animation style that could stretch from Chase First Banking to Chase Banks Masterbrand.









Steve Street

– Group Creative Director

Jordan Middendorf

– Group Account Director

Brian Ivory

– Account Supervisor

Kristen Kriisa

– Creative Director

Tim Xumsai

– Executive Producer

Ann-Maria Egisto

– Producer

Warren Teo

– Associate Design Director

Lucy Downs

– Art Director

Christopher Gilbert

– Writer

Colin Hesterly

– Illustration Director


– Animation Partner