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The Cake Card

Cake is a credit and debit card start-up designed with the everyday person in mind. With no annual fees, no late fees, no “gotcha” fees and eliminating useless-points-for-nothing, their goal is to eliminate debt by treating card holders like people and not numbers on a spread sheet.

Cake's brand identity, user experience and design needed to reflect the cards kind hearted, whimsical and simplified take on credit. Everything from their name (which takes inspiration from Marie-Antoinette's "let them eat cake") to the reductive design approach was created in an effort to be more forthright, clear and approachable.



Cake Logo
Cake Card
Cake Card Design

Color and materiality

The core cards are designed with a variety of colors, all inspired by the colorful frosting typically used on cakes. They allow perspective card holders to choose the color that best appeals to them while portraying optimism in a category that is often stifled with drab materiality.



Cake Card Design

Designed for scaled membership

Premium Cake members are given additional card design options that rang from simple and clean cards to more fun and whimsical ones.



Cake Card Orientation

Flipped Orientation
Designed for readibility in realation to logo position, the chip, and contactless symbol. Optimal whitespace is provided for individual hand positions.


Cake Card Chip

Custom Cake Chip
A custom chip was designed to reflect the design of the Cake logomark and create an ownable/ unique brand touchpoint.


Cake Card Color Core

Exposed Core
A gloss foil is applied along the edge to accent the color core and provide an additional playful frame around the card.


Cake Card Design

A unified front and back

Deep considerations for in-store, digital and online use of the Cake card were made. The flipped orientation on the front allows for ideal usage with in-person card readers, while a simplified horizontal front orientation is used within digital wallets. The back is designed with all relevant information in mind for ease of use when needing specific details for online purchases.



Cake Mobile Website
Cake Mobile Website
Cake Mobile Website
Cake Mobile Website




Cake Website



Corel Theuma

– Copy & Strategy